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Growers Trust features a large selection of broad and specific plant fertilizers for your gardens and crops. Some of our products like NPK Pro focus on a blend of 100% natural plant fertilizers, while other more specific products like Kelp Boost and Brix Boost strive to target plants with a potent yet safe dose of exactly what garden vegetables, houseplants, or medicinal plants need to thrive! Fell free to contact us with any questions about our trusted line of plant fertilizers.


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We have dedicated part of our product line to targeting mildew and spore problems in plants. Our Powder Mildew Killer and Spore Control go right to work eliminating the invisible spores that form on the surface of your plants slowly killing them.

Indoor Growing

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It is hard enough without pest problems to grow a successful garden indoors or outside. Growers Trust Spider Mite Killer is highly reviewed and trusted to kill mites and their eggs dead. Our Nematode Control product eliminates Nematodes, the age old garden pest with ease. Mosquito BioControl is a biological control agent used for the control of mosquito larvae in water.