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  • Effective
  • Non-Toxic
  • Easy to use formula
  • Biodegradable
  • Made with all natural plant extracts
  • Environmentally safe

Growers Trust Kelp Boost is a natural bio-stimulant designed to increase overall plant growth through increased nutrient uptake and secondary root growth. Through the introduction of naturally occurring auxins, cytokinins, and phytohormones, Kelp Boost helps in the production of more noticeably vigorous plants with sturdy and well-developed root systems by using nutrients that are foundin sea vegetation.

Kelp Boost functions as a natural biostimulant, providing the plant with important phytohormones that signal the plant to rapidly grow. Indole precursors function as natural root accelerants, providing a larger root mass to increase the amount of water and nutrients the plant can absorb. The seaweed extract contained achieves faster growth rates via cytokinin-auxin signaling. At the rhizosphere level, seaweed stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms that aid in nutrient absorption and protects the plant/crop from pathogens. Seaweed also promotes plant restoration from abiotic stress as well, increasing environmental stress immunity.

Seaweed, or kelp, is known to possess many important compounds like biostimulants (cytokinins, auxins, and gibberellins), chelating agents (mannitol), and a variety of trace minerals (zinc and manganese).Our kelp products are mechanically extracted, while preserving important hormones, enzymes, and amino acids found naturally in kelp. We use multiple species of Sargassum and Laminara in our products. Pyroligneous liquor helps improve the yield and quality of fruits and vegetables by stimulating plant growth, enhancing nutrient absorption, and reconditioning the soil itself.

Showing noticeable results in as soon as two to three days after the first application, Kelp Boost is one of Growers Trust’s fastest selling products. This nutrient strengthener is made with completely eco-friendly soluble seaweed, natural plant hormones, premium amino acids, and essential micronutrients. Kelp Boost plays a significant role in keeping soil fertile and crop yield abundant.

Why Kelp Boost?

Thousands of farmers, organic growers, winery owners, landscapers, gardeners, and hydroponic gardeners across the world have seen enormous changes in their harvest through the use of Kelp Boost.

Kelp Boost is to be applied either on the leaves by foliar spraying or into the soil through irrigation. To promote active root development of crops, irrigate both before and after planting.

What can Kelp Boost do for my harvest?

As the crops begin to absorb Kelp Boost, the plants take on a recognizable sturdy exterior as they react to the further developed root system.

  • Effectively maximizes photosynthesis
  • Promotes root stimulation causing crop enlargement
  • Promote flowering and fruit setting
  • Supplies essential elements for crop growth
  • Gives crops additional resistance during transport
  • Maintains soil neutralization
  • Promotes recognizable soil improvement

For flourishing crops and protected harvest, choose the product that Growers Trust, purchase Kelp Boost today!

Download the Kelp Boost MSDS Sheet

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