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  • Vegetation and foliage improvement in all crops
  • Healthy crop promotion
  • Improves size and quality of fruits
  • Enhances fruit-sets and ripening of fruits
  • Vigorous vegetation growth to increase plant mass
  • Proteins are facilitated and formed with proteins to raise the yields on crops
  • Fights nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and micro nutrient deficiencies
  • Safe for the environment
  • Non-toxic

    With the power to promote vegetative fruit, improve fruit-set, and facilitate the maturation of fruits, NPK Pro is one of the most popular advanced all purpose water soluble fertilizers on the market. Formulated with only natural plant extracts using advanced technologies from Growers Trust, NPK Pro will not only aid in growth promotion, but will enhance the quality and size of your fruit crops.

    Increasing the vegetation in all crops allows NPK Pro to elevate crop yields dramatically. Leaf crops such as spinach and lettuce have seen miraculous improvements benefiting from the most essential macro elements which play a critical role during the plant’s life cycle. NPK Pro contains a strategic mix of phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen to provide plants with unmatched strength, quality, and size.

    Why NPK Pro?

    NPK Pro has a maximum uptake for plants, indicating vigorous growth, healthy fruit sets, and significant increase in the size and quality of crops. Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus as well as additional micro nutrients are combined with manganese, iron, and zinc, chelated with EDTA. This strategic molecular process gives NPK Pro the power that it needs to facilitate the maturation, growth, and strength of fruit crops.

    From organic growers to farmers and from winery owners to landscapers, the NPK Pro difference is clear. This comprehensive liquid fertilizer promotes carbohydrate synthesis in leaves during photosynthesis, allowing for crops to strengthen and thrive. 

    Strong vegetation growth and enhancement of fruit-sets have made NPK Pro one of the most popular Growers Trust fertilizers. The groundbreaking technology used to formulate NPK Pro has truly changed the foliar industry forever. As growth development is facilitated, crops are able to grow in size and quality in a healthy manner.

    Download the NPK Pro MSDS Sheet 

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