Growers Trust fertilizers have unique formulations, containing organic compounds

that facilitate the absorption of minerals, increase growth rates, and enhance the quality of any crop.  With our formulations, we introduces important microbial organisms to establish symbiotic relationships that modern farming practices exclude. We use concentrated beneficial bacteria and fungal colonies to allow micro flora to thrive and optimize plant growth. Our fertilizers achieves this by encouraging the development of a rhizosphere with good microbial expression given rhizosphere. These beneficial bacteria and fungi prevent general deficiencies and protect the plant from harmful pathogens and diseases.

Our goal is to reunite nature with modern and future agricultural practices. By using in vivo breeding techniques to produce biological inoculants, pesticides, and fungicides, Growers Trust is delivering the sustainability our future generations need...today.

All of our  products go through a patented process called micronization and high shearing, giving our products the  ability to cover a larger surface area and enabling deeper penetration into the soil, crevices of plants, insects, and pathogens. The filaments in the plant absorb our products faster compared to conventional products. Previously, organic and natural products had to wait to be broken down or eroded in order to be absorbed by plants, making these products inefficient for commercial use compared to conventional products. Today, thanks to our patented micronization process, Growers Trust manages to provide products that work faster and more effectively.

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