Spider Mite Killer for Landscape Companies

Spider mite infestations are a growing problem amongst landscapes worldwide. Specifically targeting flowers, shrubs, and trees, spider mites have the potential to truly damage entire landscapes. As a landscape company, your clients depend on your ability to maintain a beautiful landscape.

Spider Mite Killer is the product that landscape companies have been looking for the past few years. Finally, Growers Trust has developed a product to save landscape companies thousands of dollars lost due to spider mite damage. Protecting a landscape is critical, as it is the first impression a home gives. Therefore, landscape companies must take every measure to protect this land.

Growers Trust has targeted spider mite infestations in landscapes with its most advanced product, Spider Mite Killer. Organically formulated with natural plant extracts, Spider Mite Killer the most safe, effective, and immediate method of treating, protecting, and preventing spider mite infestations in landscapes.

Powdery Mildew Killer for Landscape Companies

Landscapes continuously feel the perils of powdery mildew, especially during the summer months. Landscape companies lose clients and thousands of dollars each year due to powdery mildew outbreaks. Once an outbreak occurs, landscape damage is easily visible, and thus, a big problem for landscape companies.

Landscape plants affected by powdery mildew outbreaks, if left untreated, will eventually die. This occurrence creates a dangerous cycle for landscape companies. Growers Trust’s Powdery Mildew Killer is the answer for landscape companies worldwide.

With the ability to eliminate, then protect and prevent, Powdery Mildew Killer outshines its competitors in the landscaping industry. For healthy, flourishing flowers, trees, and shrubs, Powdery Mildew Killer is the #1 choice of landscape companies.