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When it comes to growing marijuana, knowledge is power. As more and more states legalize the production and distribution of marijuana, self-proclaimed growing experts are popping up left and right. Unfortunately, far too many of them fall victim to the misconception that growing cannabis is easy. Successfully cultivating and maintaining a grow operation is challenging, time-consuming, and requires much patience. From fertilization practices to watering technique to temperature control, growing great marijuana means dedicating yourself to the craft and realizing that no one becomes an expert overnight.

There are some obvious tips and tricks to growing marijuana properly. Things like how to trim, the right soil to use, lighting methods, and water filtration systems are incredibly important. However, the following are some of the commonly overlooked odds and ends of growing cannabis the right way:

  • Think hard about the size of your grow room – almost every grower will admit to starting with a small space and eventually needing to expand for more air ventilation and light
  • Plant feminized seeds – duh
  • Root burn is caused from using fertilizers and boosters – don’t let this happen to your crops
  • Use a controlled environment for germination and then move to the larger nursery when the plant is ready
  • Do not ignore pH levels – they need to be monitored regularly
  • Be patient and only harvest the plant when the time is right – think dark red or brown pistils
  • Don’t sell it right away – let the buds dry to cure in order to get the best taste

Growers must also remember to lean on the cannabis community. Many like to think that once they have the permits and infrastructure they are on their own to build a thriving nursery. However, marijuana growers are almost always willing to share advice, secrets, and tricks to the trade. Don’t be afraid to swallow your pride and ask for growing tips to make your marijuana great.

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