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It’s time to prepare the gardening world for 2014. Each year, foliar industry experts take to the internet to share their projections of the trends for the coming year. Garden Media has provided us with a list of 12 trends in their 2014 Garden Trends Report. An overall sentiment seems to surround the fact that homeowners have had a bit of a change in heart of the last year that will continue into 2014. In years past it seemed as though the average homeowner focused on the home’s interior, decorating their living rooms and dining rooms to impress. Today and into the future, however, homeowners will shift their efforts from inside of the home to the outdoors. As such, gardens are projected to grow tremendously in 2014.

Let’s take a look at the 12 trends as anticipated by Garden Media:

  1. Recycling is changing, now people will recycle food scraps to create compost
  2. People will continue to grow their own food at rapid rates to stay healthy and fit
  3. Fruits are expected to grow in abundance as people use fresh raspberries and blueberries in the cocktails and smoothies that they make at home
  4. Garden furniture and accessory sales will skyrocket as people place more value on their home’s exterior
  5. Bees will be buzzing as consumers plant pollen rich flowers, vegetables, and trees
  6. People are going local to grow on their own what is native to their region
  7. Simplicity will emerge as people stick to one color flower to bring a touch of elegance to their gardens
  8. Garden designs will continue to get more and more creative as people move away from the style of clean lines
  9. Young men are beginning to take interest in their gardens and spending in this demographic is expected to increase
  10. More gardens are arising in hospitals, schools, and offices as they have been proven to increase mental capacity and productiveness
  11. As with most sectors of the economy, the gardening industry will benefit from technology, particularly mobile apps for gardens
  12. All Americans will be encouraged to plant trees as we continue to battle the loss of trees throughout the nation

On behalf of Growers Trust, have a happy, healthy, and fruitful New Year!

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