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Is your harvest thriving the way it should be? Are there proper chemical balances in your soil? Are the cellular membranes in your plants strong enough to withstand the harsh effects of weather? Organic farmers and gardeners across the globe have been flocking to Growers Trust products to fight off threatening pests and plant deficiencies while promoting powerful plant growth.

The new products maintain the Growers Trust standard of organic fungicides and pesticides, with a true promise to provide only the natural components in all lines. The products vary in how they protect crops in order to increase yields, supply critical nutrients, enhance color and sweetness of fruits and vegetables, and improve harvests’ natural development.

Some of the most newly released products include:

  • Phosphorus Pro
  • Kelp Boost
  • Spore Control
  • NPK Pro
  • Root Boost
  • Nematode Control

Growers Trust refuses to develop any product lines involving dangerous chemicals. We’ve combined research from the hydroponic, aeroponic, and soil markets to formulate products using only non-toxic plant extracts and we continue to re-formulate, test, and re-test all of our product lines.

It’s time to get your crops flourishing while protecting your harvest with the products that Growers Trust!

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