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Growers have to deal with all kinds of stresses when they are cultivating their harvests. For most farmers, the health of the crop determines the profits for the month and this places a substantial amount of pressure on the grower. As such, preventing plant diseases from plaguing your harvests is essential and can be the key to remaining a profitable farm. Most plant diseases are the result of some type of bacteria, fungi, or virus. Even worse is that once a plant disease emerges, it often moves from one crop to another until the entire harvest is contaminated. The key to preventing this from happening lies in the ability to protect your harvest.

Recognizing the onset or the beginning stages of a particular plant disease could very well save your crop. The following are the most commonly seen plant diseases today:

  • Anthracnose 
  • Apple Scab 
  • Bacterial Canker 
  • Bacterial Leaf Spot 
  • Blossom End Rot 
  • Brown Rot 
  • Cedar Apple Rust 
  • Club Root 
  • Common Rust 
  • Corn Smut 
  • Crown Gall 
  • Damping Off 
  • Downy Mildew 
  • Early Blight 
  • Fire Blight 
  • Fusarium Wilt 
  • Gray Mold 
  • Late Blight 
  • Leaf Curl 
  • Mosaic Virus 
  • Potato Scab 
  • Powdery Mildew 
  • Verticillium Wilt

Prevention is the key to keeping your crops healthy and thriving. For farmers and growers who depend on their harvests for their livelihood, it is essential to be aware of the above diseases and not only take action at the first sight of them, but to take action to prevent their onset as much as possible.

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