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Growers and gardeners of all kinds are always looking for ways to improve the growth and health of their harvests. One of the most important elements of healthy plants begins in the soil. Soils that are rich in nutrients allow for plants to thrive as their roots are able to gain from the nutrients living in that soil. Some of the most successful fertilizers and pesticides available today target soil nutrition to thus improve plant health.

Of these fertilizers and pesticides, the most effective utilize organic and natural nutrients and extracts to provide plant health while considering the chemicals’ effects on the surrounding environment. Sea kelp, for example, is an excellent natural substance that growers use to condition their soil.

Containing more than 70 vitamins, enzymes, and minerals, sea kelp is absolutely essential to the health of a plant. More specifically, the growth hormones present in kelp help to assist plants in processes such as the development of chloroplast as well as cell division and enlargement. One of Growers Trust’s most successful fertilizers is Kelp Boost.

Kelp Boost offers a wide variety of benefits, some of which are as follows:

  • Effectively maximizes photosynthesis
  • Promotes root stimulation causing crop enlargement
  • Promote flowering and fruit setting
  • Supplies essential elements for crop growth
  • Gives crops additional resistance during transport
  • Maintains soil neutralization
  • Promotes recognizable soil improvement

Crops are able to flourish with the assistance from Kelp Boost. As soil improves, root stimulation allows for the crops to grow and thus promote imperative health for the overall harvest. For more information of Kelp Boost, click here!

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