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Phosphorus plays an essential role in plants from growth to structure to energy and is a nutrient that cannot be ignored. The general health of a plant depends on the level of phosphorus that said plant receives and stores. Unlike some of the other essential nutrients, the functions of phosphorus cannot be performed by any other of the nutrients. Critical in optimizing both growth and reproduction in plants, every grower should have a strategy in place to make sure that their crops’ phosphorus levels are adequate. Growers Trust has developed a product, Phosphorus Pro that has truly changed the foliar industry for the better.

Enhancing crops’ ability to battle abiotic stress and fungal disease, Phosphorus Pro gives plants the opportunity to thrive. Some of the most notable benefits of Phosphorus Pro include:

  • Drought resistance improvement
  • Promotion of fruit ripening
  • Enhanced quality of vegetables and fruits
  • Promotion of rooting
  • Prevents phosphorus deficiencies
  • Acceleration of plant maturation
  • Builds cell walls
  • Amplifies proper cell growth
  • Safe for the environment

With all non-toxic properties, Phosphorus Pro was created using only organic nutrients and natural plant extracts. Due to these properties, the fertilizer is rapidly assimilated by all types of plants. Since the first phase in the growth process is critical for crops to develop roots through phosphorus input, using a safe, organic product to ease the process is imperative. For those in search of an effective way to build a high-quality harvest, look no further than Phosphorus Pro!

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