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In some ways, greenhouse growing is quite similar to outdoor growing. The crops require adequate levels of water and nutrients and they must be protected from the deadly diseases and pests that exist in nature. Harvests must be maintained regularly with tying, pruning, and tending. At the end of the day, plants of all kinds require much attention. Nevertheless, growing in a greenhouse environment has a number of notable differences that must be addressed in order to keep crops thriving. While the controlled nature of a greenhouse environment lends itself to convenience and easier management, greenhouses require a higher level of demand. Making sure that the greenhouse temperature, soil moisture, humidity, light, soil aeration, and drainage adds a number of responsibilities to a growers’ list.

Operating an organic greenhouse is something that requires patience, dedication, and, of course, a green thumb. The following are some great tips for growers to keep in mind:

  • Only plant those crops that have proven to be productive and disease-resistant – do your research
  • Choose vegetables and fruits that are easily maintained and thrive in greenhouse environments
  • Use a half-and-half soil mixture that is composed of compost and loam, then add some wood ashes and manure
  • Pay close attention to ventilation and invest in automatic vent openers
  • Keep in mind that sunlight leads to full production
  • Space out your plants correctly and leave room for growth
  • Be aware of and prevent any sort of extreme and abrupt temperature changes
  • Avoid getting into a watering routine – only water plants based upon need, touch the surface of the soil to check
  • Pests and diseases are sometime unavoidable, be sure to rinse infected plants thoroughly and separate them from the rest
  • Use each summer season as an opportunity to clean out the greenhouse to lay the foundation for a fresh start in the fall season

Maintaining a greenhouse growing operation is one of the most rewarding activities for a gardener or grower. However, neglecting to think of the little tasks here and there can lead to major problems in the future. Be sure to keep these tips in mind as you prepare your greenhouse for the spring months.

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