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Thank you for joining the team at Growers Trust for some Farm Fresh News! Here you will find the latest and greatest information regarding a variety of topics. From organic formulation and plants extracts to industry news in hydroponic growing, farms, gardens, medical marijuana, and wineries, Farm Fresh News has it all. As an introductory post, we would like to pioneer our blog with a Growers Trust salute. Be sure to keep up with the Farm Fresh News regularly to stay on top of industry news, cutting-edge trends, and a ton of handy information.

Beginning with heavy research, Growers Trust immersed itself in the hydroponic, aeroponic, and soil markets. Through meticulous testing and comprehensive research, they were able to find the perfect combination of non-toxic plant extracts to create two incredible products: Powdery Mildew Killer and Spider Mite Killer. Both products, while resolving diverse harms, are formulated using only organic, natural plant extracts. This composition ensures the health of the plants, vegetables, fruit, lawns, etc. being treated.

Beyond detailed research and testing to create the perfect product lines, Growers Trust went out into the fields to consult farmers, organic growers, winery owners, dispensary owners, and more. Hearing from those in the fields everyday helped to cultivate an even more advanced product line. As powdery mildew season rolls around, farmers and winery owners will be flocking to order plenty of Powdery Mildew Killer bottles. In addition, with the growing spider mite epidemic has sent thousands to our site looking for a quick fix, Spider Mite Killer is the answer to these problems.

When all is said and done, Growers Trust offers the ultimate solution to safe, effective, and organic protection. Join us on our mission to bring a superior level of safety and protection to the world’s crops and plants. Stay tuned for the next edition of Farm Fresh News!

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