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Growing medical marijuana has proven to be both a lucrative and rewarding business. Growers from across the country would agree that the cost/benefit factor inherent in any grow operation is critical to transforming a passion for growing into a profitable business. Unfortunately, spider mites have become an increasingly important issue for all marijuana growers. As these spider mites infiltrate the crop harvest, they begin to spread like wildfire, attacking your precious marijuana fields and destroying everything in their path. 

When dispensary owners recognize a spider mite infestation, it is often after thousands of plants have been destroyed and, even more impactful, thousands of dollars are lost. While continual care is essential to cultivating any harvest, maintaining a healthy crop is much more difficult when spider mites are present. As a result, Growers Trust has developed Spider Mite Killer. Designed to target spider mites immediately, this product has the ability to kill spider mites immediately.

In addition, Spider Mite Killer protects for the long-run. Through regular maintenance of Spider Mite Killer, medical marijuana crops are thoroughly protected from future outbreaks. The product creates a physical barrier to prevent any future outbreaks from arising. While killing spider mites is certainly crucial for growers, many of them have an aversion to introducing products to their precious harvest. Spider Mite Killer is formulated with this in mind. Therefore, each bottle of product is 100% organic, made with no harmful chemicals, non-toxic, and safe to use under any light.

Growers in states such as California and Colorado are beginning to recognize the immense value in Spider Mite Killer. Beyond the ability to kill current outbreaks and provide protection for the future, Growers Trust develops these products to be used from germination to harvest, allowing for marijuana growers to continue to apply the product, and thus, protect the crop.

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