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The majority of growers, gardeners, and anyone with a green thumb is familiar with the dreaded spider mites. Often responsible for destroying patches of valuable crops, fruits, plants, and vegetables, spider mites have become a serious problem for growers across the United States and worldwide. Understanding the lifecycle of spider mites is beneficial for those attempting to eliminate infestations. 

Spider mite eggs are the root of all plants and crop growth problems and understanding how to kill spider mite eggs is the key to destroying infestations and, more importantly, permanently eliminating them. Far too many gardeners and growers approach spider mite infestation by focusing on the current mites ruining crops. However, focusing on the destruction of the spider mite eggs is the optimal way to tackle the infestation.

Female spider mites lay perfectly spherical, round eggs which often appear in a range of colors from clear to amber. Because spider mites go through what is referred to as a gradual metamorphosis, it is absolutely essential to target infestations at the root of the problem, killing the spider mite eggs. Determining how to kill spider mite eggs in the most efficient manner possible has been the focus of foliar research for many years.

Unfortunately, many of the most popular spider mite pesticides strictly target the mites, not the eggs, thus leaving serious room for infestations to continue. When searching for a product address your spider mite infiltration, it is important to understand exactly what the product’s capabilities are and how they relate to your current problem. Destroying infestations starts with knowing how to kill spider mite eggs. Spider Mite Killer, formulated by Growers Trust, is amongst the only few products on the market today that target spider mite eggs.

Growers and gardeners hoping to eliminate an infestation forever must take into account the importance of egg destruction. Contact Growers Trust today to speak with a foliar expert and learn more about what Spider Mite Killer can do for you and your harvest!

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