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As more and more medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries open across the United States, the ability to prevent plant diseases from attacking marijuana crops is becoming more important than ever before. States such Alaska, Colorado, California, Connecticut, Michigan, Washington, New York, Maine, and Massachusetts all allow for some degree of medical use of marijuana. From a grower’s perspective, preventing marijuana plant diseases is vital to production, business growth, and overall livelihood.

As a result, marijuana growers are constantly looking for new, innovative methods to protect their harvests from plant diseases. Infestations of diseases such as powdery mildew and spider mites have the potential to completely destroy a harvest. To deter the accumulation of cannabis plant disease, growers should adhere to the following prevention tips:

  • Always keep the plantation clean 
  • Get rid of all wastes, dried leaves, etc. on a regular basis 
  • Molds, pests, and diseases are often repelled by clean grow rooms 
  • Be extremely attentive to humidity levels, many molds thrive in excessively increased or decreased humidity 
  • Ensure lighting is always appropriate 
  • Pay close attention to ventilation in the grow room 
  • Be sure to use pasteurized soil 
  • Do not plant marijuana crops with other types of plants 
  • Use nylon screening to keep pests out of the grow room 

Keeping these grow tips in mind will help to keep your cannabis plants healthy, thriving, and disease-free.

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