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Tomatoes are the most popular “fruits” in the United States. While typically cooked as a vegetable, the tomato plant has been cultivated all across the globe. As we begin to enter the most advantageous time to plant tomatoes, it is important for gardeners and growers to understand the most effective way to encourage proper growth and reduce the likelihood of a spider mite attack.

Tomatoes are incredibly easy to grow and abundant, which is why many people choose to grow them at home. In addition, homegrown tomatoes vine-ripe are often much tastier and enjoyable than store bought tomatoes. Therefore, it is important for gardeners and growers to protect their tomato plants for infestations, especially spider mite infestations which have the potential to destroy entire tomato harvests.

Spider mites on tomato plants are a common issue growers face. As such, gardeners are encouraged to adhere to the following growing tips:

  • Make sure that there is enough air for circulation (especially in greenhouses)
  • Use screening to prevent the entrance of pests, insects, and bugs from attacking the crop
  • If there are infected plants within the harvest, remove them immediately
  • Use a magnifying glass to pinpoint minor infestations, remove any that are present (recognizable by movements of clusters or eggs)
  • Upon purchase of tomato plant, ensure that there are no infestations present
  • Keep tomato plants evenly spaced with adequate room in between each crop
  • Ensure that plants are properly misted to keep hydrated

Growers and gardeners must make sure that they are consistently monitoring and inspecting their harvests. Leaving tomato plants unchecked, even for a few days, may lead to irreversible damage and infestation. Protecting your tomato plants is essential to cultivating plentiful harvests.

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