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Fall is often the prime time to plan shrubs, trees, grass seed and sod, perennials, and bulbs. With cooler temperatures and fantastic growing conditions, September is typically the time that growers and gardeners prepare for large harvests and plentiful crop. From a smaller scale perspective, even home gardeners will find that September is an excellent month to seed the lawn for the entire year. Thicker and healthier lawns are seeded in September and thrive throughout the year with proper fertilization.

In many cases, September is also a great time to add color to your plants and trees. The following are some of the plants and trees that thrive and bring color in September:

  • Crape Myrtles
  • Viburnums
  • Hydrangeas
  • Beautyberry
  • Cotoneaster
  • Butterfly Bush
  • Hypericum
  • Potentilla
  • Pyracantha

September is also the time when deciduous trees and evergreens should be fed with shrub and tree food. In doing so, the trees and shrubs will flourish during the fall months. In addition, we suggest planting the following perennials in September:

  • Ccabiosa
  • Corepsis
  • Ornamental grasses

All growers must remember to mulch after planning when waiting until late fall to plant bulbs. Mulch plays an enormous role in insulating the soil and keeping the area warm for optimal root growth. Finally, leaf lettuce, radishes, turnips, and beets should be seeded in September for a healthy, thriving fruit and vegetable garden in the fall season.

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