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As the buzz surrounding organic foods wears off people of all opinions come out of the woodwork to voice their advocacy and concern regarding consumption of organic fruits and vegetables. While the complaints and objections run rampant, the most common of them is by and far a cost issue. However, what if we were to say the benefits of consuming organic fruits and vegetables outweigh the costs…by tenfold? Even worse, what if we were to say that the government played a role in boosting the costs of organic food items? The bottom line is that when it comes to purchasing foods, spending that extra dollar may be well worth your while, maybe even more than you think.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 10 reasons why organic food is worth the price:

  1. Chemicals have been proven to be terrible for your health. Organic foods will keep your body healthy, strong, and ready to fight off the most common illnesses faced in the United States today.
  2. Absolutely no government subsidies or handouts are given to organic farmers. This means that the price goes up because your tax dollars are funding the cheap, unhealthy food consumed daily.
  3. Purchasing organic foods supports farm families and businesses across the country. This just makes the world a happier, better place to live in.
  4. Buying organic makes you an environmentalist without even knowing it. Forget the charities and donations, simply eat organic and play your role in helping the environment.
  5. Every day you can look in the mirror and know that you are playing a role in making the world a safer, healthier environment, which is a charitable donation in itself.
  6. Preventing floods and droughts is aided by organic food purchases, seriously. Organically grown plants sit in organic soil that is much more absorbent than its chemical counterpart.
  7. Organic foods help to keep the fossil fuel emissions at bay, giving you the opportunity to help prevent climate change.
  8. As an entire population, those who eat organically are truly leaving the world a better place than it once was, now that is powerful.
  9. This may be a stretch, but from a karma-standpoint, there is simply no comparison to organic food. You are giving back to farm families, reducing your carbon footprint, and making the world a better place.
  10. Finally, organic food just tastes better! This may be the easiest part of convincing in the entire list. Feed your taste buds what they crave: delicious, fresh, and environmentally-friendly organic grub.

Simple, right? It’s time to go organic today!

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