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Plant health is dependent upon a number of nutrients through absorption and enzyme stimulation, this ensure that the plant maintains thriving root growth as well as good overall crop health. Calcium and boron are two of the essential nutrients that harvests depend on, without adequate levels of both the plants are susceptible to suffering a wide range of physiological disorders in addition to diminished crop health. The fertility of any plant is something that growers and farmers must place great significance on, fighting to ensure that the harvests are fertilized naturally and organically to achieve optimum calcium and boron levels.

A plant’s cell walls and membranes require calcium to help with structure and health. From helping with the plant development to facilitating in the environmental challenges that many crops face, adequate calcium levels is imperative. Taken up from the roots, plants use calcium to promote the metabolic process of other nutrients, plant cell elongation, cell wall strength, hormonal and enzymatic processes, fruit quality, protection against heat stress and plant diseases, and regulation of the stomata. The following are symptoms of calcium deficiency in plants:

  • Curling of new leaves
  • Shoot scorching
  • Spotting on new leaves
  • Poor growth
  • Stunted roots
  • Burns on leaf tips
  • Damage to fruits

Calcium clearly plays a big role in the overall health of crops. In addition to calcium, boron is another nutrient in which crops necessitate. Unfortunately, boron is the most prevalent micronutrient deficiency worldwide, often causing enormous losses in crop production form both a qualitative and quantitative standpoint. Containing boron in both insoluble and water-soluble forms, plants require sufficient boron levels to remain productive and healthy. The following are the symptoms of boron deficiency in plants:

  • Bushy stunted growth
  • Proliferation of branches
  • Distorted, brittle, and thick branches
  • Dying growing tips
  • Prevention of fruit set
  • Yellowing of leaves
The acids forms in plant metabolism must be neutralized in order to maintain production and health. Monitoring root growth, enzyme stimulation, nutrients absorption, germination of pollen pipes, fruit quality, and overall fertility is crucial. Regulating calcium and boron in a harvest is fundamental in producing thriving, flourishing, healthy crops.X

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