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As an organic grower, keeping your soils rich and full of nutrients is of top priority in order to keep harvests abundant and flourishing. From fruits to vegetables to flowers to shrubs to ornamental trees, viability and fertility of soil is the key to successful organic growing. Some may argue that fertilizers are the “quick fix” in the mix of maintaining a healthy, prosperous harvest, but in reality, soil rarely starts out “perfect. So, what do growers do to perfect their soil? They turn to fertilizers to create an ideal growing situation. Using fertilizers to manage things like pH levels, nutrient deficiencies, and overall structure is imperative to the health of your crops. Organic fertilizers are the best choice for growers who care about reducing their use of mineral products.

Here are the top 10 reasons why using organic fertilizers in the way to go:

  1. Safe foliar applications
  2. Nutrients do not get tied up in the soil
  3. Improved safety for both people and pets
  4. Strengthening of plants
  5. Reduces the use of synthetic products for a healthier environment
  6. Removes the risk of plant damages or burns due to chemical use
  7. Gradual release of nutrients in the soil as opposed to quick release from synthetic
  8. Eliminates the risk of “over-feeding” your plants due to soil micro-life breakdown
  9. Even feedings over the long-term
  10. Recycling materials that may end up in a landfill otherwise
From functionality to growth attributes, all growers would agree that fertilizing is a necessary step in the general foliar process. Choosing to use only organic fertilizers may come with a bit more of a cost upfront, but in reality it is far more cost-effective. In the long-run, dealing with the aftermath and inefficiencies of synthetic, non-organic fertilizers becomes far more costly. Soils require healthy nutrients to lay the foundation for vigorous, thriving harvests. Organic fertilizers are the best choice for growers looking to perfect and enhance their harvests.X

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