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Farming land is no easy task. For serious growers and farmers, doing so successfully requires time, money, and a ton of effort to ensure that the farm’s harvests and plentiful and growing. In reality, the majority of farmers depend on their crops to pay their bills and keep the farms sustainable and thriving. When one aspect of the harvest fails, it is up to the farmer to create a quick and effective solution to keep the farm operating the way it should be. Organic farming methods are calculated procedures that depend upon the natural biological processes to keep farms healthy. With a mix of modern technology, the right fertilizers, and traditional farming practices, maintaining a successful farm is a real possibility. It is important, however, to remember that farming practices quickly become habits.

The best farmers throughout the world make it a point to perfect their daily habits and turn them into a thriving agriculture business. The following are the top 9 habits of a great farmer:

  1. Staying focused on revenues to ensure that cost management is stable. Stick to budgets and cover all costs of production.
  2. Remain disciplined and resolute in keeping the harvests thriving and asking for help when help is needed.
  3. Enjoy the work. A man who has fun while farming will never work a day in his life.
  4. Learn from your farming errors and make note to not make these mistakes again.
  5. Coordinate action plans for all types of “what-if” scenarios. This leaves little room for error when an unexpected storm approaches or a certain crop is producing at optimal rates.
  6. Look at your competition and compare how your harvests stack up. Using benchmarks is an excellent way to keep improving production.
  7. Be prideful and pay close attention to your reputation. People buy from the farms that they truly trust, keep that trust by building a solid foundation of good work.
  8. Sell locally. Not only does this reduce pollution, but it is an amazing way to get involved and enrich your community.
  9. Get on board with solar and wind energy now. Alternative energy is here to stay. Farms who utilize this now will be setting themselves up for big wins in the future.
Every farmer has their own unique style. Sustainable agriculture is founded by the habits that these farmers create for their farms. Make an honest effort to be the best farmer that you can be and always remember where you came from. The best farmers have the best habits. When it comes to life on the farm, make every day count.X

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