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Farmers, winery owners, and all types of growers throughout the world are constantly looking for a way to improve their production and overall health of their harvests. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is very strict in the regulations that they maintain in order for a fertilizer to claim that it is in fact “organic”. Unfortunately, many agriculture companies try to mislead growers into believing that they product lines are organic when they are not. From plant growth to soil improvement, the benefits of using organic fertilizers are now widely accepted throughout the globe. No matter what type of plant, vegetable, fruit, flowers, trees, or shrubs the grower wishes to nourish, organic fertilizer is by and far the safest, most effective way to encourage healthy growth and massive production.

Some of the most common benefits and advantages linked to organic fertilizers for healthy harvests are as follows:

  • Offer the best nutrients for effective plant growth
  • Much more gentle than chemical fertilizers
  • Less likely to overfeed your plants
  • Not immediately absorbed into the plants
  • Can withstand heavy rainstorms and irrigation sessions that could wash away chemical fertilizer
  • Soil structure is improved
  • Helps for soil to retain nutrients and moisture
  • Long-term environmental benefits as they are less likely to contaminate lands and waters
  • Far safer to the overall crop for both grazers and farmers
Organic fertilizer has become the most sought after product in the foliar industry. However, it is important to consistently do research and read labels prior to purchase. Growers must take the time to ensure that the fertilizer is organic, non-toxic, and made with only natural plant extracts.

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