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Medical marijuana is emerging as one of the fastest growing and most lucrative industries in the modern times. Marijuana growers are continually perfecting their approach to growing thriving, healthy yields and as more information and legalities become available, the ability to do so grows as well. The cost/benefit factor is something that all growers must account for when preparing their crops and projecting future sales. For growers, as with any business owner, it is critical to keep these things in mind in order to cultivate a profitable business that brings in regular sales while keeping costs at a minimum. Unfortunately, spider mites are a serious problem for marijuana growers.

Dispensary owners cannot ignore the presence of spider mites in their grow houses. Spider mite infestations quickly lead to the complete destruction of a crop unless treated immediately. As with any type of pest or plant disease, treating your harvests in order to prevent an outbreak is key. Identifying a spider mite infestation may seem easy to some, but the many dispensary owners realize once it is too late. At this time, the spider mites have had the opportunity to destroy the entire harvest and, as a result, thousands of dollars are lost.

Growers who own a dispensary have a million tasks to accomplish in a day. From monitoring sales to ordering new equipment to keeping their employees on track, it can be overwhelming to also have the burden of keeping spider mites out. As such, spider mites should be targeting year-round to prevent an outbreak from occurring at all. Prevention is the best way to protect your plants, and even more importantly, your profits.

California and Colorado may have been the first states, but there are many behind them with dispensaries popping up left and right. It is absolutely essential that those growers who are looking to build a dispensary understand the threat of spider mites to marijuana crops.

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