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Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana dispensaries have been opening at rapid rates across the United States. As the legal restrictions on medical and recreational marijuana continue to loosen, more and more Americans will need access to the plant. States such as Maine, New York, Alaska, Michigan, California, Washington, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Connecticut allow for some type of medical marijuana use. The growers who won dispensaries have to take a number of preventative measures to maintain a healthy, flourishing marijuana crop.

From production to business growth, marijuana dispensaries have a lot to be concerned about regarding the maintenance of their dispensaries. Plant diseases are typically the biggest threat to these crops. In order to protect cannabis crops, growers should keep in mind these prevention tips:

  • Remove dried leaves regularly
  • Check lighting every day to make sure it is appropriate
  • Maintain a clean plantation
  • Keep pests out of the grow room with nylon screening
  • The cleaner the grow room, the more pests and diseases will be kept away
  • Avoid planting any other type of plants with the marijuana crops
  • Keep a close watch on the ventilation in the grow room

Infestations of typical diseases that attack marijuana crops can quickly destroy an entire harvest. Things like spider mites and powdery mildew have the capacity to ruin the growth progression and thus waste thousands upon thousands of dollars. As the leader of your marijuana dispensary, it is important to take every measure possible to protect your cannabis crops.

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