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Spider mites. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. Actually, we really could live without them. Spider mites in our gardens are such a pain! If your leaves are full of holes or yellow splotches and you’ve identified the culprit, keep reading. In addition to finding the right spider mite killer product, we researched and found some unconventional and organic tips to get these pests out of your garden.

  1. Isolate the infested plant, and get rid of the top layer of soil where spider mites might be living. In addition, a spider mite killer spray will kill the mites on contact.

  2. Keep your plants in a stress-free state by watering, tending and using mulch regularly. Remove infested leaves, and throw them away immediately to prevent the mites from spreading.

  3. There are a variety of homemade mixtures and sprays you can try. In addition to an organic spray product, use a mild dish soap and water mixture to wipe down your plants every six days.

  4. Try wiping rubbing alcohol underneath each infested leaf on your plant.

  5. After you kill the spider mites with a spray, mix a concoction of white flour, water and a little bit of buttermilk. Spray on leaves once a week to keep new mites away from your plant.

  6. Mix olive oil, two to three cloves of garlic, hot sauce, dish soap, lemon juice and water together. Strain through a cheese cloth, and spray on plants two to three times a week.

  7. Habanero peppers are another organic way to control spider mites. Chop them up and mix with water in a large pot or bucket. Then, dip the leaves in the mixture. Be sure to wear gloves!

  8. Peppermint or rosemary extract in a misting spray could also do the trick. Spider mites hate the strong odor.

  9. Hose down your plants with water with high pressure if your plants can take it, as dust really encourages spider mites. Water can also destroy webbing and disrupt egg laying.

  10. Bring the ladybugs home. We’ve all heard that ladybugs landing on you are good luck, and it’s true. Ladybugs and other mites are natural predators and can be found at local nurseries. An organic spider mite killer spray should not affect ladybugs.

Purchase a spider mite killing spray in addition to these remedies to ensure the spider mites are gone for good. Use these remedies as a supplement.

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