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As most growers would agree, powdery mildew is one of the most frustrating, constant, difficult problems faced in the foliar industry today. Even with all of the strides that modern science has taken to perfect the growing process, powdery mildew seems to be a fungus that continually slips through the cracks. Whether you harvest trees or fruits or flowers or vegetables, protecting your crops from powdery mildew is imperative to maintaining a healthy, thriving harvest throughout every growing season. Powdery mildew fungicides are the clear solution to keeping your plants healthy all during the year, the trouble lies in determining which product to use.

Pesticide and fungicide companies have gotten a bad reputation over the last several years. From mislabeling products as “organic” to using harmful chemicals in the makeup of their products, these companies are often selling promises that they cannot keep. As such, it is important to looks for the following on the label prior to purchasing a powdery mildew fungicide:

  • Non-toxic
  • No aroma
  • Organic
  • No harmful chemicals used
  • Safe under any light
  • Laboratory tested
  • Non-burning
  • Can be used from germination through harvest

Controlling powdery mildew outbreaks is, unfortunately, dependent on the grower’s choice in product. Besides being ultra-aware about the health of your harvest, regularly applying protective pesticides and fungicides is key. As a grower, make your fungicide purchases carefully to safeguard your crops to the best of your ability all while minimizing the likelihood of a powdery mildew outbreak.

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