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Growers Trust loves to share important news from around the foliar industry, but sometime it’s okay to toot our own horn. In this case, we’d like to dedicate this blog to our Product of the Year: Spider Mite Killer! Spider mite infestations are amongst the leading causes of crop loss throughout the globe and Growers Trust has worked diligently to develop a product that can counteract and prevent loss from spider mite attacks. Growers around the world, from the medical marijuana industry to the finest wineries around, have found salvage in the value that Spider Mite Killer brings to their harvests. With years of laboratory testing, the research and development team at Growers Trust was able to formulate a product that safely and effectively kills spider mites on contact.

Take a quick look at the Spider Mite Killer commercial below to get a better idea about Growers Trust’s Product of the Year:


Formulated using only naturally derived plant extracts, Spider Mite Killer is non-burning, non-toxic, safe to use under any light, and has no aroma. From spider mites to whitefly, from two-spotted spider mites to aphids, from slugs to thrips, from earthworms to mole crickets, and from mosquito larva to much, much more, Spider Mite Killer is the ultimate product for safe, effective plant protection.

Interested in protecting your valuable crops from spider mite attacks? Look no further than Growers Trust’s Product of the Year: Spider Mite Killer!

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