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Winery owners will attest to the fact that powdery mildew is amongst their worst of enemies. Owning and maintaining a winery is a huge responsibility and as we prepare for the spring season to arrive, it is absolutely imperative that wineries strategize a plan to protect their grapes from powdery mildew attacks. Thousands upon thousands of wine grapes are destroyed each year when powdery mildew is most prevalent. As one of the most destructive fungi around today, growers must make every effort to prevent the onset of powdery mildew attacks and, even more importantly, prevent them from arising all together. Therefore, purchasing a preventative, organic fungicide is critical. Growers Trust’s Powdery Mildew Killer has been used by hundreds of thousands of farmers and growers across the nation and worldwide.

Powdery mildew attacks do more damage than just destroying winery crops, they destroy the potential of thousands of dollars in profits due to grape and wine sales. Some of the most beneficial aspects of a proven fungicide that target powdery mildew attacks include:

  • Treats and controls powdery mildew outbreaks
  • Heals damage crops
  • Serves as a preventative agent
  • Can be used from germination to harvest
  • Shows immediate results
  • !00% natural
  • Derived from plant extracts
  • Safe and effective for use
  • Non-burning
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe to use under any light

Finding a powdery mildew killer that is able to achieve the above mentioned benefits is the key to keeping your winery fruitful and profitable. Growers Trust’s customer reviews say it all, Powdery Mildew Killer is simply the best way to protect thriving wineries.

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