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Medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries are opening throughout the United States at rapid rates. As more and more states continue to legalize the growth and sale of marijuana, both medically and recreationally, the demand for marijuana builds and builds. The decriminalization of cannabis has begun to create a regulation system on a state level. These new laws bring more investment and a greater ability for growers to reap the benefits of funding. Unfortunately, some of the nation’s most well-seasoned growers are running into problems battling the most common plant diseases that attack cannabis crops. Whether you are in Colorado, New York, Maine, California, or any of the states that allow some type of sale of marijuana, disease prevention is imperative.

Far too many growers look at plant diseases as something to combat once it appears. With production and business growth at risk, preventing these plant diseases is the key to staying in business with cannabis products always available. Growers must prevent an infestation from happening before it arises using some of these tips:

  • Remove waste regularly (i.e. dried leaves)
  • Check lighting to ensure it is appropriate for the life cycle of the plants
  • Maintain a clean grow room at all times
  • Pay attention to humidity levels to decrease the likelihood of mold growth
  • Use pasteurized soil
  • Make sure your nylon screening is properly installed to keep pests out
  • Regularly check the grow room’s ventilation system
  • Never plant other type of plants with your marijuana crops

Cannabis plant diseases are difficult to handle once they have infiltrated your grow room. Preventing them from occurring all together is the key to keeping your grow room thriving, your sales up, and your customers happy. Keep these tips in mind every day as you care for your cannabis plants.

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