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Properly growing medical marijuana requires very specific temperatures. As these plants flourish, they need to placed in grow houses that meet their needs in terms of growth capacity, light, and hydration. Unfortunately, powdery mildew formation has become one of the greatest barriers to successfully growing medical marijuana. As grow houses and dispensaries across the nation work diligently to improve crop counts and harvests, powdery mildew infestations present a serious obstacle for many growers.

Powdery mildew infestations are commonly found with marijuana grow houses and indoor hydroponic gardens due to the favorable temperatures for these plant destroyers to flourish. Sadly, when left untreated, powdery mildew infestations quickly form and have the ability to completely destroy large patches of harvest. Not only do these infestations kill crops, they directly affect a dispensary’s ability to turn a profit. Therefore, it is critical for these growers to find a product in which they can trust.

Powdery Mildew Killer is the ultimate plant protector available today. Following years of meticulous research and experimentation, Growers Trust has formulated a winning combination of all organic, natural plants extracts. These organic matters blend to create a powerhouse of protection and shelter, allowing harvests to safely thrive. With the ability to destroy the lifecycle of the fungal spores of powdery mildew, Powdery Mildew Killer not only kills current invasions, but will prevent future outbreaks from occurring.

Medical marijuana is a booming industry which has slowed due to damaging elements such as powdery mildew. Growers Trust has formulated a solution for growers across the nation. For the only plant protector that Growers Trust, purchase your Powdery Mildew Killer today!

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