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As Christmas time quickly approaches, families across the United States are decorating their homes to spread a little extra holiday cheer. One of the most important elements of the holiday, the Christmas tree, serves as an excellent way to bring the family together while picking and decorating the Christmas tree which fills the home with brightness and cheer. Unfortunately, however, it has been reported that many of the fresh-cut Christmas trees across the nation are suffering from spider mite infestations.

Prior to bringing these Christmas trees into the home, tree purchasers are cautioned to check the tree for any presence of spider mites. Often appearing as speckles or tiny patches of webbing, spider mites have the ability to wreck havoc on your precious Christmas tree, eventually killing the plants altogether. Many people are under the false impression that indoor plants are not susceptible to spider mite infestations. However, when indoor plants, such as a Christmas tree, become under-hydrated, spider mites will thrive.

Once the spider mites are able to lay eggs, the problem becomes even more difficult to manage. Not only will this damage the appearance of your Christmas tree, but it will eventually cause the tree leaves to change color and eventually die. Due to the fact that many people prefer to keep their Christmas trees up for lengthy periods of time, often extending the month of December, they must be prepared to protect the Christmas tree.

Spider Mite Killer is the most effective way to manage and destroy a spider mite infestation. Scientifically formulated with the most advanced innovation in the foliar industry, Spider Mite Killer goes to work immediately to infiltrate and block spider mite breathing holes. Once this is achieves, the spider mites begin to die. In fact, Spider Mite Killer even targets eggs that have yet to be hatched, eliminating the infestation and leaving your Christmas tree glowing.

Using all organic, natural chemicals, Growers Trust was able to formulate Spider Mite Killer to be applied on any plant from germination to harvest. With safety and effectiveness as the two most essential elements of formulation, Growers Trust Spider Mite Killer is the growing market’s leading product. Contact us today to learn more about protecting your Christmas tree!

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