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Any garden owner and/or operator are familiar with the dreaded spider mite. Gardeners will often find themselves rolling their eyes at the sheer mention of the term “spider mites”, and rightfully so. As a single entity, as spider mite presents little threat to a garden. However, as this one mite quickly multiplies into a colony of spider mites ready to attack, a serious threat begins to infiltrate your garden.

One of the biggest issues inherent in spider mite infestations is the manner in which they come about. A spider mite is incredibly tiny and almost impossible to see with the human eye. The fine webbing that these spider mites leave, however, is most certainly visible and often what gardeners recognize when they begin to see their plants dying off.

So why do spider mites choose to target the precious plants in your garden? Seeking the nutritious sap that is stored underneath plant leaves and stems, spider mites quickly attack harvests to gain the nutrition that they need to survive. However, any seasoned gardener understands that their plants depend on the leaves and stems to store nutrients and water, an essential element to plant survival.

Sadly, many gardeners do not recognize a spider mite infestation until they see their plants being sucked dry of their sap, leaving yellow leaves that appear blotchy and undernourished. When this is the case, it is often too late to save the plants that have been attacked. Therefore, gardeners need to provide their plants with a protective agent to build nutrition, deter spider mite infiltration, and encourage overall plants health.

Spider Mite Killer is the ultimate protector for gardeners across the country. After years of thorough research and testing, Growers Trust has developed a 100% organic solution to spider mite problems. Spider Mite Killer actually kills spider mite eggs, alleviating their ability to hatch, and thus, stopping infestations before they start.

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