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Marijuana growers across the country continually find themselves worrying about those pesky spider mites attacking their crops and damaging their harvests. When it comes to getting rid of spider mites cannabis, growers are looking for a natural, non-invasive method of clearing out infestations without compromising the growth of their cannabis crop. Dispensary owners are growing for a profit. When spider mites attack, this profit is disrupted significantly. 

Growing medical marijuana and recreational marijuana is truly a time-consuming art that takes perseverance and dedication to the craft. Dispensary owners spend years cultivating the perfect grow houses to host their marijuana crops and develop into a thriving business. Sadly, spider mites have single-handedly compromised the growth of many of the most successful grow houses in the nation. Finally, Growers Trust has developed an organic, safe solution to the worst spider mite infestations found in the United States today.

Leading the foliar industry in ground-breaking technological advancements, Growers Trust formulated Spider Mite Killer as a permanent solution to spider mite infestations and attacks. Using a 100% organic formulation with all natural plant extracts, Spider Mite Killer does not introduce any harmful chemicals to the cannabis crops present. Instead, the natural plant extracts work together with the marijuana plants to block the spider mites’ breathing holes. In doing so, the spider mites instantly suffocate and undergo complete elimination.

Spider Mite Killer has no aroma, is non-toxic, and can be applied to the cannabis plants anytime from germination to harvest. Laboratory tested, Spider Mite Killer is safe to use under any light, a critical factor for the majority of dispensary owners in the country. Growers across the nation have agreed that no other product on the market does the job as quickly or efficiently, especially while using all safe natural plant extracts.

Contact Growers Trust today to get your hands on a bottle of Spider Mite Killer and watch your marijuana plants thrive as you get rid of spider mites on cannabis with ease!

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