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Gardening in Florida during the summertime has become somewhat of a commonplace for many residents of the Sunshine State. Even those without a green thumb are able to put on their gardening gloves and beautify the appearance of their home. With a few simple tips, making your garden gorgeous for the summer is achievable for anyone. Growing fresh, local produce in your front yard or backyards is an incredibly rewarding experience. While gardening is an easy task, it is certainly one that requires preparedness, constant attention, and patience.

Take a look at the following inside tips to get a kick start on your summer garden:

  • Plant things like shrubs that require little water, as too much irrigation wastes water
  • Choose plants that consume less water in order to maximize your garden’s potential
  • Use compost to deter disease from infiltrating your garden
  • Group crops that are planted for harvesting in beds
  • Use mulch to moderate the temperature of the garden
  • Be sure to provide water and nutrients to the soil, not the plant
  • Concentrate attention on the plant’s root

In addition to the above tips, many gardeners are looking for advice regarding the best plants to harvest. Planting high-return herbs and vegetables is a great way to ensure that your garden will be thriving with edible crops, making the process that much more rewarding. The following are some of the most high-yielding crops to plant:

  • Swiss Chard
  • Garlic
  • Zucchini
  • Snow Peas
  • Sugarsnaps

Combining these tips with the above vegetables will make for a delicious, fresh, flourishing garden. For additional tips on planting and gardening during the summertime in Florida, check back here next week!

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