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Whether you call it a fruit or a vegetable, tomatoes are one of the most popular produce items consumed today. In today’s health-conscious environment, organic growing has rapidly become the most popular way for gardeners, growers, and landscapers to cultivate produce. Growing your own tomatoes has a number of advantages, most notably:

  • Better taste
  • Lower cost
  • Safety purposes

The last reason, safety purpose, may strike some as surprising, however, recent research has pointed to the vast health advantages of homegrown organic fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes happen to be one of the easiest of all crops to grow. From ease of planting to mass production, the benefits of growing tomatoes at home are abundant.

In order to make the most out of your home garden, we recommend the following tips for growing organic tomatoes the right way:

  • Pick “indeterminate” tomatoes
  • Plant seeds deep, with about ½ of the stem underground
  • Always use organic mulch, this is often a forgotten step but is important for production
  • Use organic fertilizer
  • Consistently water

While some of these tips may seem basic, far too many growers think they are growing organically yet are mixing organic and non-organic practices. Something as simple as using the wrong fertilizer can drastically alter the production levels, taste, and safety of your crops.

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